The members of the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists of the Philippines agree with the founders of the Society that a high standard of practice of gynecologic oncology is an essential component of the kind of health care the Filipina deserves.

Thus the SGOP’s



An exemplary organization of gynecologic oncologists and specialists of related disciplines committed to the continuous upgrading of the standards of practice, teaching, research in the field of gynecologic oncology in the Philippines


Committed to the achievement of the above vision, the SGOP has adopted the following objectives:

  1. To establish, maintain and continuously upgrade the standards of practice of gynecologic oncology in the Philippines
  2. To disseminate basic and advanced knowledge about gynecologic cancer
  3. To promote, support and finance publication of reports prepared under the auspices of the foundation
  4. To promote research in gynecologic oncology
  5. To maintain good relationship with other societies of similar interests, both local and international
  6. To promote the general welfare of its members
  7. To render community service to promote women’s health